Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easter Swaziland day 6: Badplaas to Joburg

Badplaas - Carolina - Bethal - Nigel - Home
About 330 km

Too soon it was the last day of the tour. We left rather late; stopped at the Bethal Wimpy for the usual tea and toasted sarmies, and it was way after lunchtime when we continued on the N17.

The N17 between Bethal and Nigel is easily the most boring road I've ridden. It just continues - no fuel stations, no turn-offs, no pit-stop next to the road for a quick coffee. Just N17.

We timed the tour to go back on the day after Easter Monday so that we could miss most of the traffic. But there still was a fair amount of traffic.

The TW is not fast. It worked really hard to average probably around 120 km on this piece of road. To get it over with because it really it mind-numbingly boring. Maybe if you were on a big bike that could go a bit faster?

It was a relieve to get off it at Nigel.

... and then back to Juburg.

The End.

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