Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Easter Swaziland Day 5: Sondzela - Malkerns - Amsterdam - Badplaas

Sondzela - Malkerns - Amsterdam - Badplaas
A bit over 200 km

Loved the ride on the MR18 from Malkerns to Bhunya and then the lesser-used MR19 through a plantation to the lesser-used border post of Sandlane. 

Hardy wanted to see Amsterdam, and I imagined a coffee-shop with blue porcelain mugs and Douwe Egberts coffee with ideal milk and stroopwafels But there was no coffee-shop; in fact there wasn't much of anything else either. Not even a wimpy. So we filled up and then continued on the R33 to the N17.

It was Easter Monday and traffic picked up a bit, but it was generally in the opposite direction of where we were going. By the time we turned off the N17 towards Badplaas I could do with a break. We stretched legs, ate all the chocolates we had, and then continued.

Arrived in Badplaas sometime in the early afternoon. Checked in, set up camp, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety in the local butchery. We sourced some steak and skilpadjies, and then whiled the afternoon away over a glass of wine in the local grill.

The camping fees at Badplaas include rides on the supertube, so we had a race to see how many supertube-rides we could fit in before they closed an hour later. 

Some daylight, a dry tent, coffee and steaks. A beautiful way to spend the last night of the trip.

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