Monday, April 4, 2016

Lesotho Adventure 2: Katse to Ramabanta

Katse to Ramabantha: 241 km
Vertical ascent: 5787
Mountain passes: Many
Views: unlimited

From Katse it's a magnificent dirt road to Thaba Tseka. It's about 60 kms, and took us about 2 hours. There are no major mountain passes, just mile upon mile of dirt road, very green grass, green hills, green fields and a taxi or donkey cart every now and again. Parts of this road reminded me of that dirt road that goes into Vuvu when you do Ride2Rhodes (mountain bike); some of it reminded me (probably more accurately) of some of the roads we mountain biked on the Trans Lesotho

We filled up at Thaba Tseka, and then continued on tar, mountain pass after mountain pass. 

Quiet road, the odd truck, donkey cart or a few sheep. You're either on the way up a mountain, or down it. On one of the passes (Mokhoabong Pass?) we stopped for droewors and Easter eggs (Happy Birthday Rogue!) 

After that, more mountain passes. Think Franshoek pass, and when you get to the bottom, another Franschoek pass, and then another one. All day long. 

Then there were more mountain passes. Cheche pass, Likalaneng, Past Nazareth, over Blue Mountain pass, Bushman's pass (not sure about the order?). 

On 'God Help Me' pass we stopped for more droewors, to top up the TW's fuel, and to check distances to the next fuel station. 

Doesn't matter how pretty the roads, if you're not used to travelling by bike, you'll be tired after 210 kms - which was roughly when we arrived in Roma. Hardy filled the Honda's tank, and then it was another 30 km or so to Ramabantha. The road to Ramabantha is a bit ... more rural, shall we say, than the lovely tar road that we've been on - but then you enter the colonial lawns of Ramabantha - wow! Lovely campsite, friendly staff, cold beer, beautiful lawns and oh, those showers!

We set up camp, enjoyed the local beer, and then got the braai going. 

I haven't been a biker for all too long (it's about 4 months since I got the learner's and learnt where the gears are and how to work them) ... and I haven't bike-toured all that much ... but this was easily one of the best days I've had on my bike. 

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