Monday, August 15, 2016

Woman's day ride: Blockhouse/Circus

The TW stayed at home while we explored Botswana with the Jimny. By the time we got back, this and then that happened, and before we knew it, the TW was parked for a month and the battery flat. We started it once and let it idle outside the house to let the battery charge a bit. And when it died, we figured that was enough battery charging anyway. So when we finally wanted to take the bikes out, the TW just would not start. We ran up and down and up and down the complex with it to coax the engine, but nothing. Finally looked into the tank - to realise it's completely empty. Siphoned some fuel from Hardy's Honda, then filtered it through an (aeropress-sized) coffee-filter because the siphon-pipe was dirty. By now the battery was not even pretending to be alive - but the running-start worked first time. 

So the idea for Woman's day was just to do a long ride to give the battery chance to charge.

But after Monday evening's incident of having a gun pointed at me and the handler of the gun demanding my cell phone, I spent Women's day morning in a police station instead of finding new trails on my bike. The officer was more interested in the election results and possible effect that might have on his work.

Long story short:
Anyway - so it was lunchtime on the public holiday by the time we got onto the bikes. Hardy's folks stay close to Klipriviersberg, a most excellent base to explore the dirt roads of the South from. 

It was late, so we decided to ride some of our Joberg2C Training routes with the bikes. Some of our favourite 'strava segments' were even more fun on bikes with engines :)

Since we had engines (albeit in my case a rather small one), it was a bit easier to see where this hill goes to or if that track will connect to where we think it does, and we didn't have to be quite as aware of possible mountainbike-hijack areas.

We rode to the blockhouse and then explored the empty building next to it.

We stopped at the circus for a late lunch. BEST pizza EVER.  And a pink cupcake with the coffee because it was women's day.

Back on sometimes the same, sometimes different routes. Here's Kiss-your-handlebar tunnel.

LOTS of playground - have to go ride there often before it gets built up.

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